Richmond Hill Naturopathic Doctor and Cancer
Richmond Hill Naturopathic Doctor and Cancer

Cancer Treatment

You have just received the diagnosis stating that you have cancer.  Or you are in the middle of undergoing chemotherapy, radiation, or surgery and are experiencing the side effects of conventional treatments.  Naturopathic medicine can be of benefit to you regardless of where you are in your cancer treatments.  It can be used as an adjunct to support emotional health and boost immune function just before conventional treatment.  Naturopathic therapies may be helpful in diminishing the side effects associated with chemotherapy and radiation and help keep you as healthy and as strong as possible while you are going through conventional treatment.  Naturopathic medicine may be assistive in recovering from cancer surgery more quickly, and can be used as an adjunct to help with pain management and drug side effects.  And Naturopathic medicine can help with keeping you as healthy as possible after you are finished with the treatments.  


I offer scientifically-grounded, evidence-informed natural adjunctive cancer care to help people be as healthy as possible during aggressive cancer treatments.  I am trained to know what will and will not interact with conventional cancer treatments, and understand the timing and dosages of Naturopathic supportive care.


What sets me apart from other Naturopathic Doctors is that I too am a cancer survivor. Because of this, I have a patient's understanding of the events surrounding conventional cancer treatment, as well as a Naturopathic Doctor's knowledge of adjuncts to cancer treatments.  I understand how you are feeling throughout every stage of your cancer journey, both emotionally and physically.  Consequently, my naturopathic knowledge is so much more useful to you, because my personal experience translates to better cancer care for you.  While I used conventional medicine to eradicate my cancer, I used my knowledge of Naturopathic Medicine to help me stay as healthy as possible throughout the chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery that I endured.  My doctors never saw someone stay so well, and rebound so quickly from the chemotherapy and radiation.  My surgeons never saw someone use so little pain medicine, and recover so quickly and effectively from the extensive surgery.  Not only did I use Naturopathic therapies to assist with the physical effects of cancer, I also used them to assist me with the fear, anxiety, and grief I felt at various points of my diagnosis and treatment.  


Naturopathic medicine kept me balanced and healthy; and I look forward to helping you achieve that balance too.  I will customize a treatment plan for you based on what you need at every moment in your journey, so that you can be as healthy as you can be as you deal with cancer.  And when you are no longer dealing with conventional treatment, I will assist you with getting back on track to feeling optimally healthy again. 

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