Revitalize Your Appearance With Naturopathic Medicine

Experience the holistic approach to enhancing your well-being, rejuvenating your radiance, and slowing down the aging process with naturopathic medicine. Through personalized therapies, including targeted nutrition, hormonal balance support, detoxification, and lifestyle modifications, naturopathic medicine can help nourish the body, boost vitality, and support graceful aging. By addressing the root causes of aging, naturopathic medicine empowers individuals be more vibrant and radiant naturally. And when combined with microcurrent facial rejuvenation, we can also address aging from the outside, providing a comprehensive approach to revitalize your natural beauty.

Microcurrent Facial Rejuvenation

Microcurrent is a treatment which can be used to naturally rejuvenate the face. The principle behind microcurrent is simple: When cells or tissues are not working properly as a result of aging, pain, or disease, the electrical impulses that they emit are altered. By providing a current which mimics healthy cellular current to the affected area, the microcurrent stimulates cells and tissues to function more optimally. By stimulating sagging muscles of the face and neck, the microcurrent may trigger a tightening effect, giving the face a more lifted appearance.  The microcurent's electrical impulses may also normalize the tone of muscles that are too tight, decreasing the appearance of furrows caused by chronic muscle contraction.  Over time, the stimulating effects from microcurrent may also trigger the skin cells in the face and neck to produce more collagen, thereby diminishing the appearance of wrinkles. Microcurrent facial rejuvenation can consequently refresh and rejuvenate the look of the face naturally and healthily. There is no downtime, no discolouration, and no pain. The effects are seen gradually over time—so every step of the way is a natural and gentle process.

The benefits of repeated microcurrent facial rejuvenation over time may  include:

-Diminishing the appearance of facial lines, creases, and wrinkles;
-Increasing hydration to the face, making it look smoother and softer;
-Increasing lymphatic drainage and circulation to the face, contributing to a youthful glow to the skin, lessening puffiness, and reducing discolouration; and
-Contributing to a firmer and more contoured appearance to the face.


An initial time commitment of four to twelve 1-hour sessions occurring two to three times per week is recommended for optimal results. The precise number of treatments, frequency of the treatments, and treatment results will vary based on age, lifestyle, and personal goals.

Anti Aging From The Inside-Out

To do things properly, it is just as important to address the internal factors that contribute to aging as it is to address the skin changes externally. Diet, lifestyle, nutrient status, and detoxification abilities all play a factor in how your health is mirrored on the outside. Let me customize a treatment for you to improve your health inside and out.

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