Dr. Rebecca Kellerstein, BSc, ND Naturopathic Doctor
Dr. Rebecca Kellerstein, BSc, NDNaturopathic Doctor  

Corporate Wellness And Lectures

Added Value With Employee Wellness Programs

Wellness is not just about the individual.  It is important for companies to look at corporate wellness to ensure that your employees are as healthy and as productive as possible.  Unhealthy employees cost your company money through absenteeism, turnover, lower productivity, and poorer morale.  Studies show that investing in corporate wellness programs reduce company costs, while creating a healthier, happier workplace.


I offer a wholistic approach to employee wellness programs with a series of Lunch and Learns on various topics.  Whether I am invited for a 1 hour seminar, or as a frequent guest speaker, I will impart knowledge to your employees which will help keep them healthier at work.

List Of Topics

Achieve Your Optimal Health With Naturopathic Medicine

Fight Fatigue:  Boost Your Energy And Optimize Your Health

Afternoon Grogginess

Tap Into The Fountain Of Youth: Anti- Aging Seminar

Breast Cancer Prevention

Beat The Odds: Look To Lifestyle And Prevent Cancer

Carbohydrates: The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly

Cleanse Your Body By Optimizing Your Ability To Detoxify Naturally

The Facts On Fats

Get Smart With Your Heart And Optimize Blood Pressure

Prevent Colds And Flus Naturally

Strategies To Stop Smoking With Naturopathic Medicine

Take A Deep Breath And Enjoy Life: Manage Your Stress Levels Naturally

The Way To Sustainable Weight Loss: All Myths Busted



-Focused lectures delivered on site;

-Increased overall wellness of employees, which translates into less sick days, decreased stress levels, and increased productivity;

-Most companies already have extended health insurance which covers Naturopathic Medicine.


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